For any security system to work it has to do its job in such a way that the user is not required to have a degree in technology. It must be easy to use and non-intrusive (or the user will try to find a way around it), and it must bring a tangible benefit to the user. Security professionals advise users that security has a cost in additional procedures and processes but that is the last thing the average user wants. DriveSafe recognizes that the user wants an easy to use product that allows them to work with their data easily while keeping the data private and confidential. DriveSafe achieves this in an elegant way by providing a powerful, high-speed encrypted virtual drive system plus an embedded secure file system that can handle large files. Although this sounds technical what you actually get in simple terms is a securely encrypted drive you can use in exactly the same way as you use your other drives. DriveSafe is a highly secure, yet flexible solution to assist the user or organization in complying with privacy and security regulations being implemented by regulators worldwide. DriveSafe – the key features ? Up to 8 Secure Drives. Each can have a maximum size of 1 TeraByte (depending on edition). ? High speed encrypted file system optimized for generic data files. ? All data files stored in the Secure Drives remain encrypted at all times – even while you are working with them. ? Data files can be downloaded from the internet directly to a Secure Drive and are fully encrypted automatically. The user does not need to encrypt downloads. ? Supports files larger than 2 GB, even on operating systems that do not support files of this size. ? DriveSafe secure drives can be used for installing and running applications as well as storing any kind of files or data. Secure Drives can be set to expand as needed or configured to a fixed size. ? Encryption and decryption is totally transparent. Easy to install and run other applications such as accounting systems to the protected drives.