CloveriX Expert Advisor

CloveriX is a scalping Expert Advisor that runs on a 15 minute chart of the EUR/CHF & EUR/GBP. Taking high probability scalping and day trades with small stoploss resulting in a smooth equity curve and little drawdown. Virtually every trade is closed the same day with no open positions lingering for days. The aim is for many small but consistent gains, to build capital in a steady and reliable way. So lets scalp together in the forex market and make money !!! Average Pips per Week: 17 (Gross Pips: 906) Average Equity per Week: 4% (Gross Equity: 737.66%) Maximum Equity used: 1.08% (2010 September 2, 22:20) Test started: 08-26-2009 (Running 54.2 weeks) Last Updated: 11 min ago Test Log: 02.02.2010 Developers team replaced Demo test to ICMTrading broker… Old 28.2 weeks TadawulFx Demo Test results 3.71% weekly (Gross Equity: 179.24%) you can see in drop-down menu