WildSnake Arcade: ZombieBall

Be prepared for heroic adventures, guide the little hero through mystic levels filled with beasties, monsters and grave danger.
This is breakout at its utmost edge! Two modes of gameplay, Arcade and Salvation, offer up to 200 levels of ZombieBall goodness!

Get rid of that darkness, break those bricks, kill those beasties, and bring the sun back to the Lands of Sunshine!


Addicting new puzzle game designed by the creator of Tetris!
Our blue planet has frozen to ice. Help!!

You must stop the avalanches from reaching the little houses
at the foot of the mountains.

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Wings of Wind

Fast paced action catching awesome rare butterflies on different locations.
Create your own butterfly farm and make your business grow to build the best butterfly collection in the world! Fun game for the whole family!

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Kokunut Krazy! Advanced

┬ôKokunut Krazy! Advanced” is an extremely addictive twitch action/arcade game that features better graphics and game play elements then the Basic version. The object of the game is to protect the small village of Kokunut, which is inhabited by monkeys. To protect the village you must shoot the falling rocks out of the sky. The rocks can only be destroyed when the cannon is set to the rocks color. Using the right mouse button to switch the colors you must blow the rocks away. Hit the lightning bird to destroy all the rocks in the sky and get extra points but be sure to look out for the red rock which hides its true color until it is shot. The longer you last and the more you blast the harder things start to get. Hurry up and get “Kokunut Krazy! Advanced” to see how long you can last and feel good about saving those cute monkeys.

Sketch Warriors 2

The president has been kidnapped and its up to you to fight your way through 15 levels of enemy territory. You fight on foot, in a tank or in the air via helicopter! The levels are packed with power-ups and action. This game is just like the old school top down shooters Ikari Warriors

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Cyberko Checkers

This program lets you match your skills against a computer opponent in Checkers (U.S.), International Checkers, Mini Checkers 4×4, Mini Checkers 5×5, Mini Checkers 6×6 or Russian Checkers. You can add other variants of the game and additional levels of complexity.

Agon Games’ Balloonacy

It is an amazing and colorful new game with unlimited levels and massive addiction factor. Balloons float up the screen and you drag them together to make them dissapear. A completely new game conscept, it takes just seconds to learn, and is suitable for all the family.


Roll the cube around the board trying to match the color on top of the cube with colors on the floor. Matching colors disappear.

Clear the level for more colors and faster paced play.

There are over a hundred levels in the game, at three difficulty settings. It is easy for someone of any age to play, but it will continue to challenge for months.



Brickman is a hectic platform game in the retro games style! It features oldschool graphics brought up to date with fast scrolling gameplay. This is gaming the way you remember it – fast, fun, and uncomplicated.
You are Brickman and must paint all the bricks to complete the level. Watch out for ghosts, roaches, birds and fireballs. Throw brushes or jump to crush enemies. Swing on ropes, climb chains or transport yourself through space via oddly connected elevators. Dozens of levels equals hours of great gameplay and if that’s not enough, the level editor lets you create and share more.
Currently there are 28 levels in all, with new ones being created all the time. Updates are FREE for life!


Deluxanoid is a brick out style game with some colorful and cheerful graphics and game play. Destroy all the magical bricks to go to the next level. The game also has a built in level editor to make your own levels for virtually unlimited replay value.

Easy to play :

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OSAKit (Online Software Activation Kit)

Have you ever dreamed of bringing your game or application online?
Have you ever considered learning Flash or Java to make it happen?
Or even hired a Flash or Java developer to port it for you?
Want to save yourself the time, money and effort of learning another language?
Do you want an easy and fast solution to run your game in the browser window?
Did you exhaust yourself searching shareware promotions and marketing methods?
Do you want to increase your sales?
Do you want an easy way for your customers to run your game without installation problems?
Are you an Indie Game Developer looking to make more money?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is Yes or if you are searching for something like Whatever2JAVA or Whatever2Flash or a way to covert your game to be playable online then look no further! You are at the right place. With OSA Kit you can realize your dreams as it will help turn your games into online media as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code into your web page.

Benefits of using OSA Kit :
The OSA Kit will help you increase your sales by:-
1. Making it easy and fuss free for your customer to play your game.
2. Customers prefer the ‘play online’ to ‘download/install/play’ methods, It’s only one click away!
3. It’s highly possible that the customer will order your game after they have played.

The OSA Kit WILL decrease your expenses ,save time and effort because :
1. You don’t need to learn Flash or Java.
2. You don’t need to hire someone to port your game to Flash or Java.

3. Will save your bandwidth because it will only download your game once. Any further revisits to your site to play your game, there is no need for the visitor to download it again! Instead it will play from their cache or pre-downloaded file as long as it is the exact same file as contained within your site. It compares/timestamps between the two files and if they are different it will download the updated file).


Alchemist Wizard

Alchemist Wizard is a 3d arcade platformer game in fantasy world. You play as a wizard-alchemist and explore large world. Catch various creatures to combine its in cauldron to create powerful spells to fight with your enemies. There are different cauldrons on level each with different spell recipes. On each stage you must collect enough magical runes to open portal to boss. Defeat dangerous boss to proceed into next stage. Main boss awaiting you on the last stage.

Game features:

  • Stunning 3d graphics and effects
  • 4 large levels with rich and different environment.
  • 7 types of ingredient creatures with various behaviours
  • 9 types of monsters with various tactics
  • 13 types of spells
  • 4 types of cauldrons each with 8 recipes
  • 4 Big bosses

Alpha Ball

Alpha Ball is 3d arkanoid game with simple control and addictive gameplay. Each level built both backwards and upwards and present original 3d scene. Great 3d graphics and effects. Suspend Game feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later. 100 amazing levels with random access. 17 types of power-ups : gun, rockets, bombs, fireball, big balls and other…

Puzzle Blast

Puzzle Blast is brand new puzzler that can challenge your brain and perception reflexes!
Clear gems picture at ancient stone with help of magic rings. Dont let the rings to fill the screen. Beautiful graphics and relaxing music deliver hours of fun for the entire family.

 100 Levels
 Save Your Progress on exit
 Full Screen/Windowed mode

System requirments:
 Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
 300Mhz or faster Processor
 16-bit Graphics & Sound
 DirectX 3.0 or later


Balloon Blast

Balloons are attacking! Blast the groups of the same color. Collect rockets and megabombs – and save the day with them at the right moment. Three variations of the game: mind twisting Puzzle, steady Tactics and fast paced Arcade deliver fun gameplay for everybody.

Diamond Puzzle

Diamond Puzzle 3D is a brand new exciting mind breaker. This game requires some wit but is by no means one of those boring slow moving puzzles. Actually here you can choose your own style of play. It has two different modes to suit those who like to take their time and think ten moves ahead and those who like to fight against the time. The gameplay is about as addictive as it can get and the innovative 3D graphics will keep your mind set on playing this one on and on. This along with the original music and sound effects will let you relax a bit and get away from the daily trouble.

100% Secure Download Service

We now offer extended download service for your convenience. With our Download Service (DS), you will be able to download the full versions of the software you purchased from us any time and any place.
DS applies to all previously purchased screensavers and ones yet to be purchased from us in the future. You will not need to pay for this service again!

This low-cost opportunity provides you with the peace of mind that you will be able to:

– have access to the complete and exact file(s) you downloaded with your purchase
– reinstall software after a computer or hard drive crash
– easily move your software to a new computer (provided you have a valid license for each computer)

Information on how to access the DS secured applications will be provided in an Order Confirmation e-mail that is sent to you upon completion of your order.


i-ChineseChess software lets you play Chinese Chess against a challenging computer opponent on your PC. For beginners and masters alike, Chinese Chess software offers various challeng levels, greate graphics and sound. It is also very convenient to make and save chess records. You can also enjoy and study easily from well-known chess records played by famous experts, such as the popular “Ju Zhong Mi” and so on.