c/c++ to flash. Part of AnyToAny. Copyright (C) Green Intelligence Technology all rights reserved 2012~2022. Download here This is a tool converting the exe file compliled from c/c++ to flash as code. The visual studio is a good IDE, now the good thing can be used to develop flash. Software from AnyToAny, is staticly linked. There will be no additional work, even when the API is modified. Reviewing the history of the internet, the sever-browser mode is important. The success of this mode is mostly depended on its security. But the complexity of software is also limited at the same time. And the sever-browser mode has not been improved obviously for a long time. The AnyToAny is hopped to bring more complex and easier to spread software, keeping its old security. I hope there will be a new revolution in the internet by AnyToAny. Surveying most developping tools, the generated software is limited to certain platforms. However the AnyToAny series software is designed to break this limitation. The developper also have a deeper dream. That’s Anyone wherever he/she is born, he/she can freely live anywhere he/she likes to. Date: 2012.05.13