Browser tactical MMORPG

Text browser mmorpg with elements of strategy, and the incredible world of opportunities, a wonderful script to start your project. Live migration on the map, the designer of artifacts, a good chat, clans, great admin panel, good fights (two versions tactical and plain text – choose what you prefer), magic, trade, profession, resource extraction and utilization, of several classes for character development, improvement in subjects with the use of obtained resources, the vast world populated by many creatures, the changing weather conditions affecting the character’s skills and abilities, changing time of day also influence the ability and skills of the character is already built-in billing system and many other incredibly interesting world. Great script to start your own project, it is clear and easy to make, so if you want anything to change it you will not be easy. Attention to the script in RUSSIAN language, but just a few clicks you can locate any other language. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. Demo on adress –