Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Manager – Business License

PDF password & restrictions manager software has features to add and remove PDF password protection as well as all types of page restrictions like document printing, content copying, form filling, editing, modifying contents, commenting, annotations, assemble, page extraction and content copy for accessibility etc. User can select multiple documents for password removal and password addition in batch mode. Software supports both 40 bit and 128 bit encryption level, either encrypted using RC4 algorithms or AES. If a PDF document is protected with open password, known as user password, software will prompt for entering it to unlock PDF documents while if it is protected with owner password, user do not need to use it. Program will automatically find it and removes password with all restrictions. Thus now user can print the document, edit them easily with editor, allows copying content of document, enable form filling, commenting, assemble documents and annotations. Tool has also an option to encrypt pages of PDF documents for PDF security reasons. Application supports Windows 98 / ME /NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 platforms. Key Features: * Supports PDF encryption and PDF decryption. * Add and remove PDF password and page restrictions. * Restrict or permit all types of page restrictions like document print, form fill, modify contents, content copy, content copying for accessibility, annotations, assemble documents. * Supports batch processing. * Supports both 40 bit and 128 bit encryption level. * Set User and Owner password on multiple documents on a single click. * Software does not need PDF owner password for decryption. * Supports to add prefix and suffix with resultant file name. * Works with all latest Windows OS like Vista, XP and 7. * Support both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.