Apex All in One PDF Tools – Site License

PDF splitter and merger application can join merge two or more smaller file together and split a big file and make multiple smaller PDF files you can break a file and make individual separate page. PDF page remover can allows for doing multiple operations on Adobe file such as changing the size of pages in standard size or in customized length height, create and option to modification in password secure file, set the PDF Meta properties (Tile, Author, Subject and Keywords) set the postfix and prefix in resultant file name, it properly work on all languages PDF content. Adobe combiner joiner can remove single or multiple useless pages and attach one or many extra important pages. With the using this tools you can rearrange the pages in any PDF file. These tools provide allows for multiple operation on PDF file. This is standalone software there is no need any other supporting tools. Adobe merger provides option to set watermark and bookmarks into PDF documents. This PDF tools successfully works work on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Win7 both x32 & x64 bits platform. Features: * This tools can provide good GUI and user-friendly interface. * You append single or multiple pages to any PDF file. * You create your password protected secret file. * It gives you to option to set the watermark and bookmarks in documents. * Rearrange the pages in required order. * This tools join two or more PDF files in a single file in any order. * This tool properly works on any languages PDF content. * Change the size of pages in PDF file. * This tools give option to add prefix & postfix in resultant file name. * With the help of this tool you can delete unwanted blank pages from PDF files. * You can set PDF Meta Properties such as Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. * This tool properly works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Win7 both x32 & x64 bits platform.