Microsoft Office Basic 2007 11.0.6502

Note:Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2007 is available only as a preinstalled option from participating computer manufacturers.Microsoft Office Basic 2007 is a software suite for homes and small businesses with new computers that enables you to quickly and easily create great-looking

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OfficeReports Basic

OfficeReports adds a menu to PowerPoint and Word, which makes it possible to define tables and charts directly in Word and PowerPoint. OfficeReports reads data sets from Excel, SPSS and Triple-S. All survey tools (like SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Confirmit, Zoomerang, Snap) can export

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Our corporate office is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, US. We manage the outsourcing services in a professional manner which allows our client to manage their core business competencies.

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It's OfficeLibrary's basic edition, including all features of EasyOfficeLib.
CryptOfficeLib provides more powerful and more convenient encryption protection for Microsoft Office files. You can input password once, and open many password-protected office files. Without CryptOfficeLib

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IPSwitcher Basic

Are you a mobile user?
Do you need to use your computer in more than one network?
Do you have multiple types of Internet connections?
Then IPSwitcher Basic is a product for you! It has been developed for those people, who work dynamically at several locations in the network (due

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Sanmaxi Powerpoint File Repair

Sanmaxi power point files recovery software is one of powerful safer and reliable file repair utility through which you can easily recovers and extracts all the text from highly corrupted or logically damaged power point files only on few mouse clicks. Free ppt file repair tool provides

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TIL® V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit

The ITIL® 2011 Foundation Complete Certification Kit is the most complete guide for anyone involved in IT Service Management and who are aiming to take the ITIL® 2011 Foundation exam, whether they be first-time ITIL learners or seasoned IT professionals. Still a number one best-seller for IT Management from Amazon.com to Barnes and Noble and many more, this Fourth edition has refreshed the study guide and online learning program with its updated, inspiring, and detailed plan for passing your ITIL® 2011 Foundation exam on the first attempt. With new examples, instructions, and cautionary advice, the ITIL® 2011 Foundation Complete Certification Kit is, to quote numerous ITIL® certified clients, “the gold standard of ITIL® Certification.”

As the industry standard in terms of Process, Service and Lifecycle Management for IT, the ITIL Foundation exam is the most popular entry-level certification, particularly for individuals switching from another career to IT. This kit prepares you for the certification exam by offering valuable information on the ITIL® framework, ITIL® certification and IT Service Management as a practice. This certification kit contains both the study guide and access to our online program that together provides everything you need to prepare for the ITIL® 2011 Foundation certification exam, including:

Real-world scenarios that describe what you’ve learned in the context of service solutions. These include thought-provoking questions to challenge your thinking and understanding.

Section reviews for each chapter to help you zero in on what you need to know and practice exam questions.

A Real-World Guide to ITIL® 2011 Skills. Key information and real-world examples organized around the actual day-to-day tasks and challenges you’ll face in the field of IT Service Management.

Ability to assess what you’ve learned with challenging ITIL® Foundation exam style questions.

Adobe Flash presentations that you can view and replay as many times as required, facilitated by certified ITIL® trainers who explain each of the topics and concepts of ITIL®.

Materials developed on the specific syllabus and exam criteria – so that you can be confident in achieving exam success on your first attempt.

This new Expanded and Updated edition includes:

Content updated to match syllabus 4 – processes and other content areas all provided for in both the book and elearning presentations

More in-depth exam prep, e.g. answer guides for all exam questions

More content depth in a number of areas


The ITIL 2011 Foundation course will be of interest to:

Individuals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework;

Individuals who need understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization;

IT professionals or others working within an organization that has adopted the ITIL framework and who need to be informed about, or contribute to an ongoing service improvement programme.

A typical role includes (but is not restricted to): IT Management, IT Consultants, Help Desk Officers, Business managers, Service Desk and IT Support Staff

Which ITIL® concepts are covered in this course?

The 2011 Foundation Certificate enables participants to understand the basic terms, concepts and relationships between the ITIL® processes and functions.

The Service Lifecycle

Essential terminology

Service Strategy

Service Strategy Processes: Financial Management for IT Services, Service Portfolio Management, Business Relationship Management

Service Design

Design Coordination & Service Level Management

Service Catalog Management & Supplier Management

Capacity Management and Availability Management

IT Service Continuity Management & Information Security Management

Service Transition, Transition Planning & Support and Knowledge Management

Service Asset & Configuration Management

Change Management

Release & Deployment Management


IPSwitcher 2.0

Are you a mobile user?
Do you need to use your computer in more than one network?
Do you have multiple types of Internet and Network Connections include Internet Tethering?
Then IPSwitcher 2.0 is a product for you! It has been developed for those people, who work dynamically at

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Virtual Teacher Screensaver

Millions of people are trying to learn foreign languages right now. You may be one of them. The sad reality is most of them will fail for one of two reasons. First, in today’s fast-paced world people do not have enough time. Second, people can’t motivate themselves to get organized.

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a very simple tool that makes a huge difference, when learning a foreign language. Basically, VTeacher is a simple screensaver. You enter words and phrases you are trying to memorize, as well as their translations. These are displayed in very large letters, so you don’t have to sit right in front of our computer. When you take a break, walk around your room or office, cleaning it, exercise or do any other activity, all you have to do is to glance once in a while onto the screen. And you don’t have to make yourself do it. It’s just as natural as watching TV or listening to radio when doing house chores. Tempting, isn’t it?

Soon, you will notice that there are words and phrases that you memorized and no longer need to display. No problem, simply press F8 and the word won’t appear again. Is there a word that you just can’t memorize, no matter what? Press Pause and the screen will display this word only. Do you need to know how the word is pronounced? Virtual Teacher has this capability built-in as well. All you have to do is to download additional libraries, links to which are provided at the manufacturer’s website. You can turn this mode off by pressing F4 not to bother other people.

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is very easy to set up and use; the program is fully customizable. You can add your own slides with pictures, customize speed, upload dictionaries, alter the voice that pronounces words and phrases. Think about this  if you use your computer daily, after learning only 10 new words a day (which is easily accomplished with VTeacher), you will know almost 4000 foreign words and phrases in just 1 year. If you are serious about learning a foreign language, this tool is for you. It’s 100% FREE to try.


MFader ActiveX control

Add multimedia capabilities to your Visual Basic application with this easy to use yet powerful ActiveX control. This OCX control has more than 115 dazzling and splendid effects to make your multimedia application looks professional and some of these cool effects are pushing, pulling, rolling, stretching, squeezing, revealing… and many more. It is Runtime royalty free.

This OCX control features :
B – 115 amazing effects.
B – The ability to set the graphics width of the effect.
B – You have total control over the speed of the effect.
B – You can stop the running effect with a simple call to the method StopIt.
B – You can set a delay timer to make it wait for a specific time before applying the next effect.
B – You can run one effect at a time, sequential or random effects.

What can you do with MFader?
– Multimedia application.
– Presentations.
– Screen savers.
– Slideshow and many more.

Compatible containers :
B – Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
B – Microsoft Visual Studio 97
B – Microsoft Office 2000
B – Microsoft Office 97
B – Microsoft FrontPage
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0



Real-time performance monitoring solution for Apache servers.

Company Website: https://www.sys-monitoring.com

HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a handy real-time performance monitoring and statistics analysis software application for Apache servers, which are used ubiquitously in the

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Real-time performance monitoring solution for Apache servers.

Company Website: https://www.sys-monitoring.com

HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a handy real-time performance monitoring and statistics analysis software application for Apache servers, which are used ubiquitously in the

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Simple Groupware 0.721

A complete groupware package that enables you to create powerful web applications Simple Groupware is a complete groupware package written in PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, XML and sgsML. Unlike other groupware software, Simple Groupware contains the new programming language sgsML. Simple Groupware enables the quick creation of powerful web applications. “Simple” means: · Simple installation (only one form) · Simple update (just copy the files) · Simple usage (all modules share a consistent look & feel) · Simple to adapt to your needs (see sgsML) · But not simple in functionality With Simple Groupware web applications: · Can be created much faster · Are easier to maintain · Contain less errors · Are easier to write · Are much smaller in size · Feature a consistent look With Simple Groupware you can: · Build powerful web applications in minutes · Change web applications in seconds · Decrease time for implementing and deploying · Web applications by a factor 10, compared to the usual solutions · Keep costs for maintenance and change · Management to a new minimum · A 100% web-based application (no special client applications or plugins required). · A cross-platform client is available as an optional program to keep all data offline on workstations and mobile devices and make downloads/uploads easier · Complete secure communication using SSL · Easy and intuitive user interface · One platform for managing, controlling and developing business processes · Autonomy: Simple Groupware is fully driven with open technologies · Individuality: All hierarchical organization structures and responsibilities can be represented and managed in the application · Intelligent knowledge management: e.g. find everything faster using phonetic fulltext search algorithms and automatic file / content indexing · Support for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL · Notifications: get notified by E-mail or RSS when assets are created, changed or deleted, get reminders for appointments, tasks, birthdays, etc. · Multi-language support (your help is welcome to provide other translations) · Unicode: Simple Groupware fully supports Unicode characters using UTF-8 · Mass edit for any subset of entries · All information can be easily sorted and filtered by any custom criteria · Automatic update management for database structures · The portal module serves as a customizable overview page which can hold summaries of other folders, webpages or Google Widgets. · The search module offers a globals search through all folders for all kinds of items. · The calendar module offers day, week, month, year and Gantt views, recurring events, customizable categories, file attachments, etc. · The task module automatically highlights late tasks and offers open, closed and calendar views including Gantt diagrams as well as file attachments. · The IMAP, POP3 and SMTP modules turn Simple Groupware into an E-mail client for an unlimited number of accounts. E.g. mails can be efficiently shared by copying them from IMAP/POP3 to the database and back. · The users and contacts module also offer calendar views for displaying birthdays and anniversaries. · Simple Groupware includes support for the following languages: English, English (UK), German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Brazil/Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian and Russian · Synchronization using SyncML (included in most newer phones from Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson) · Synchronization using free SyncML clients on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Outlook, Palm, iPod, Thunderbird, Evolution · Download restriction for bad file extensions (.exe, .com, .hta, .cpl, etc.) · Automatic filter for bad HTML (Javascript, ActiveX, Java Applets, etc.) and Cross-site scripting (XSS) · Integrated Denial of Service (DoS) protection · User authentication and possibility to prohibit non-SSL requests · Individual rights for every folder given to users and/or groups · Special algorithms to protect against SQL injections · Get a new system, convert or migrate all your data? No. With Simple Groupware you can seamlessly integrate any existing infrastructure: · Keep your mail-system using IMAP, POP3 and SMTP accounts (including SSL/TLS) · Integrate appointments from iCalendar files · Access your file-servers directly within Simple Groupware (e.g. Samba, Windows, NetApp) · Integrate contacts from vCard files, Outlook, LDAP / Active Directory · Integrate news using RSS feeds · Integrate Firefox bookmarks · Integrate data from CSV files using Simple Spreadsheet · Integrate external services like Google Maps or Skype · Keep your old system(s) and manage only one user database · Authenticate using built-in methods of Apache (e.g. Basic, NTLM, etc.) · Use NTLM (Single sign-on), LDAP, Active Directory, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP to authenticate users (including SSL/TLS) · Others (like ODBC) can be added using the authentication api · All kinds of documents can be managed centralized and secure · Special text indexing algorithms and external converting tools offer automatically searching through office documents, PDF documents and media files (e.g. exif headers in images, id3 tags in mp3) · Typical files from Open Office and Microsoft Office can be previewed in the web-browser (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .odt, .ods, .odp, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.) · Typical images can be previewed in the web-browser (.tif, .bmp, .eps, etc.) · All files can be automatically checked by a virus scanner (e.g. using BitDefender, McAfee, F-Prot, etc.) · Files from existing file servers can be directly accessed (Samba, Windows, NetApp, etc.) · Custom meta data can be saved along with all kinds of files on an existing file server · Special handlers offer common file conversions (e.g. compressing, image manipulation)* · Theme support: layout customization of colors, text styles, etc. · Existing Modules can be expanded and fully customized using sgsML · (simple groupware solutions Markup Language = XML-based language for defining web applications at lowest expenses) · New Modules can be easily created using sgsML · New handlers for indexing, converting and previewing can be easily added using the file-handler api. · Personal and Global bookmark management · Individual composing of small notes · Add comments and extra files to your e-mails · Private, public and team calendars · Mark special assets with colors · Manage resources like rooms, computers, beamers, etc. inside one application · Administrate a complete IT-Support using the ticket-, resource- and inventory-system Requirements: · Web browser with enabled Javascript and cookies · CPU: 1 GHz or more · RAM: 512 MB or more · Hard disk: 1 GB or more · PHP: 4.3.2 and higher (5.x is also supported) · Apache: 1.3.x or 2.x and higher · Database: at least MySQL 4.1, PostgreSQL 8.1, Oracle 9.2 What’s New in This Release: · A new module was implemented for console scripts. · For super administrators, a customization bar was added to each page. · The Italian translation was updated. · An option was added to install extensions without an Internet connection. · A fix was applied to changing customized fields.