IPSwitcher 2.0

Are you a mobile user?
Do you need to use your computer in more than one network?
Do you have multiple types of Internet and Network Connections include Internet Tethering?
Then IPSwitcher 2.0 is a product for you! It has been developed for those people, who work dynamically at several locations in the network (due to their business) and for those, who need to be connected in different offices. Also if you have several different types of connection at home (like DSL, Private Internet connection, Home network etc.) By then you should use IPSwitcher 2.0.
Now you don’t need to change your TCP/IP related settings every time when you are connected to the different Network. All you need is just to configure once any of your possible locations (e.g. IP addresses, Subnet masks, Gateways, DNS, WINS, Proxy addresses, Network Printer and Your Own Defined Command) throughout the user-friendly interface and that’s it! From this moment you only have to click the icon in the system tray, select your desired configuration by the name – and IPSwitcher 2.0 will do for you the rest of changes in a moment! And one more useful thing – these changes will be made without reboot! (Except Computer name and Domain name change)
Another useful feature of IPSwitcher 2.0 – it can handle several network adapters!
That means that each configuration could be defined for the specific adapters and you can choose any of the currently enabled adapters. Also it is possible to refresh the network adapter’s list right from the program. And finally the most exciting thing – you do not need to reboot your PC every time after applying of the selected configuration. Your new configuration will be active in the system in a jiffy!

– TCP/IP Settings Change without Reboot
– Applicable to Various Network Environment
– Multi NIC (Network Interface Card) Support
– Configure IPSwitcher to start and apply configurations automatically during OS starting
– Online Update Support and Upgrade Protection (please refer below *Upgrade Protection*)

Let’s suppose that there are several types of network connections in your office (such as ADSL, leased line for your office applications, modem line for some slow connections). Depending on your current task – you should use one single connection at the single time. How can you do it? In an old fashioned way – you should disconnect from ADSL in case if you would like to use you office application program. But later if you’d like to use Internet – you have to switch on ADSL again ’cause it’s faster. Now you can forget about all this difficulties. IPSwitcher 2.0 is a tool that eliminates all this inconvenience. All you need is just to create simple configurations – and apply these configurations to your system but just one click of mouse. This configuration contains destination address (it could be special IP or web-site) and appropriate gateway. So all your outgoing network traffic would be directed in a smart way.

– IBM 486/DX-66 or higher
– Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7
(Please refer IPSwitcher Basic for Windows 98 / Me / 2000)

ESD (Electronic Software Delivery)
All software purchases are downloadable products only. No products will be shipped.

*Upgrade Protection*
– FREE upgrades during the 10 times activation.
– Product notification for new releases and patches.
– Email support for 10 times product activation.

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