Kingsoft Presentation Standard

Kingsoft Presentation Standard 2012 is a sophisticated and effective presentation and slide show software.


Not only is Presentation Standard fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (97/2000/2003/2007/2010), but it also includes a user interface that is highly similar to the 2007 version of the latter. Presentation Standard saves documents as .dps format by default which can be opened by Microsoft Presentation even without Kingsoft Presentation being installed on the computer. At the same time, users are also allowed to save their documents as .ppt format.

Furthermore, Presentation Standard allows users to switch between the new interface and the traditional version (which possessed an interface similar to that of PPT 2003) with the minimum of fuss.

More importantly, Presentation Standard supports a multiple tab interface that allows users to switch between multiple workbooks easily in one window without filling their desktop with new, unorganized Office windows.


Presentation Standard has the ability to add multimedia elements, from text and photos to audio and video. What makes it standout from its peers is that it also has built-in chart and diagram editors to help users better present data, word processing tools to organize their work and collaborate with others, password protection to keep users work safe, and spell check to make sure the text is polished.

Presentation Standard offers not only slide transition effects and object animations, but also includes further options, such as 3D effects.

It provides multitude templates to help users create presentation files conveniently and easily. Kingsoft Presentation files can easily be converted into HTML or PDF files, allowing them to be uploaded to the Internet and shared with the minimum of hassle.

Help and Support

The after-sale service is high-quality, allowing users with problems understanding new functions to easily click the support center of the official Kingsoft website. Alternatively users can either send an Email, or download the free user manual.

Download and try Kingsoft Presentation Standard 2012 today!