Bookmark Docs 3.5.0


An easy-to-use bookmark manager

As it often happens, information is stored in various formats. Who does not used Microsoft Office? Technical documents are often distributed as PDF files. Manuals for Windows applications are usually available in the CHM format.

Many software

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Better Facebook! 5.931


Makes Facebook Better

Better Facebook! is a Firefox add-on designed to tweak the functionality of Facebook. Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, hide read posts, highlight new comments, static header bar, enhanced navigation, friend tracker, expand similar posts, custom CSS.

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Light Switch 0.6.7 Beta


Firefox extension to hide web content except multimedia elements.

Light Switch is a Firefox addon designed to dim the light while you watch videos. Provides some functionality to the" switch off the light" behind embedded elements on the web page.

With this extension, you will

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Search Links 1.0


Firefox extension that creates links bases on the search history

Search Links is a Firefox addon designed to generate links according to your search results.

SearchLinks add-on for Firefox makes it easier to surf search results by adding buttons for each search result in the

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Trust My Web 1.3


Firefox extension for checking if a website can be trusted

TrustMyWeb is a Firefox addon designed to check if Internet content is harmful. TrustMyWeb addon can help you to have a safe Internet browsing attitude by checking the status in your Firefox statusbar. Without diturbing

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