Zeus for Windows 3.97f

If you are looking for a powerful IDE for the Windows environment then your search is over. Zeus for Windows Programmer’s Editor has been specifically created for software developers working in the Windows environments. Features include Brief, WordStar, Epsilon keyboard emulation, intellisensing, code folding, auto-completion, class browsing, MDI interface, project workspace file management, integrated support for CVS, integrated class browser, code completion, seamless ftp text editing, configurable syntax highlighting, integrated builder and compiler support, inline error correction, unlimited undo/redo, fully scriptable using Python, Lua or the Java Script languages, powerful search and replace, regular expressions, bookmarks, column, block and CUA text marking modes, quick help searching of any Windows help file, programmable keyboard, templates, smart indenting. · Integrated class browser and ctags supporting code completion · A Workspace Manager that makes project management easy · Seamless FTP file editing includes support for SSH, SSL/TLS secure FTP protocols · Syntax highlighting for CC++, Clipper, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL etc · Compilers and builders run as background tasks allowing you to keep typing · Fully Scriptable using the Python, Lua or SmallC, VB Script, Java Script, Ruby Script languages · Code folding makes reading code easy. · Column, block and stream marking modes using both keyboard or mouse · Search and replace, including support for regular expressions · Brief, WordStar, Epsilon and Emacs keyboard maps provided · Keyboard mappings are fully configurable · Syntax highlighting is based on file extension and is fully configurable · Smart templates and code completion · Seamless integration with the CVS version control · Fully integrated support the Microsoft SCCS Version Control Interface · Zeus tested with CVS, Microsoft Source Safe, CSVCC and Perforce P4 source control product · Smart syntax indenting and brace matching · Keyboard macros recording, saving and playback · Integrated debugger supports the Java, Perl, Python and C# languages · Support for third party tools · Edits large files (provided the machine has sufficient RAM) · Unlimited undo/redo · Smart file search and load hyperlinking (opens any file with one keystroke) · Fully integrated support for CTAGS · In-editor, in-line error location and correction · Quick Help searches any number of help files for a specific keyword · Standard status bar, tool bar, tab bar and navigation bar features · Fast load time and small disk space requirements · File Manager associations and drag and drop · Supports both MS-DOS, UNIX, UTF8 and Unicode file formats · Supports for UNC and long file names · MS-DOS OEM text translation is also supported · Edit large files with large line lengths · Optional line numbering · Built in spell checker · Split window allows you to create multiple views of the same document · Line number and bookmarks navigation · Full-featured, highly configurable · The perfect CodeWright replacement · The ideal alternative to Notepad · 9 MB disk space · 45 days fully functional trial · The unregistered reminder messages box is always shown at the time of start up. · The software will prompt you with the occasional unregistered reminder messages box. · Speed improvements made when editing file located on network drives · In general the editor should feel more responsive · Improvements made to editing large (i.e. 300 Meg) files · Improvements made to the intellisensing for the C# language · Improvements made to the intellisensing for the Lua language · Enhancements made to the operation of the workspace menu when using multiple Zeus instances · Updated to use the latest doxygen 1.7.5 version · Updated to use the latest SQLite 3.7.40 version

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