Winamp Essentials Pack 5.6

Winamp Essentials Pack consists of various plug-ins compiled by the Winamp staff and contributors. This is a plug-in pack compiled by Winamp staff and contributors, namely Ben Allison, Will Fisher, Darren Owen, Martin Pöhlmann and Christoph Grether, with help from DJ Egg. Requirements: · Winamp What’s New in This Release: · New: Timerestore & Autoplay plug-in from Darren Owen · New: Winamp3 Playlist Sidecar for Winamp’s Modern Skin from martin.deimos · New: [Installer] PortugueseBR translation from Cleiton · New: [Installer] Portuguese translation by synthetiq · Removed: ml_lite_n from the installer (this functionallity is now part of Winamp) · Improved: [Installer] installer will delete ml_lite_n.dll, to keep your installation folder clean 😉 · Improved: [Installer] simplified the section descriptions system again · Improved: [Installer] installer shows compile date and time at bottom · Improved: [Installer] improved some parts of the German, Spanish and Turkish translations · Improved: [Installer] removed credits from the section descriptions · Fixed: [Installer] small typo in English Welcome Page (5.5 Beta related issue) · Updated: Skins In Submenu to v1.9.1 · Updated: [enc_vorbis] to fit with the new Winamp translation system

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