TOGL LIVE is a professional application designed to provide you with LIVE TV & radio, webcams, travel tools, games and weather. Whether it is viewing LIVE streaming TV channels, listening to LIVE radio channels from around the world, making the smartest travel arrangements that save you the most time and money, playing online games or checking out LIVE views of cities/locations worldwide, weather conditions, LIVE countdowns until major events occure and more, TOGL LIVE has it all. No more surfing through barrages of webpages, popups and advertisements; TOGL LIVE puts everything in easy to use menus and tabs. No other application on the market can compare. It’s not just an app, it’s a lifestyle! · Added 2000+ online games in the game viewer · Removed sliding side menus to stop unintentional openings · Added more selection categories to TOGL Radio · Added more webcams for Germany, Austria, USA, Taiwan & China · Fixed disappearing issue when TOGL LIVE is minimized to tray · Removed and replaced dead links in TV & Radio · Improved viewing windows on certain TV channels · Changed to a new installer with multilingual support

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