Slide Effect 1.9.5

Advanced Presentation and Slideshow creator with cutting-edge effects Slide Effect is a full-featured slide presentation authoring application that throws in a ton of dazzling, colorful, enticing and just-plain tasty text, animated and transitional effects. Slide Effect is incredibly intuitive. Simply drag and drop the elements you want on each slide, and in a few clicks specify the animations, colors, and effects for each one. Select a background by clicking on its thumbnail, choose the transitions you want to use between slides… and that’s it! Just click on the Play button and sit back and watch as your audience’s eyes start to twinkle! Here are some key features of “Slide Effect”: Import all your media: You can import all the media you daily use without any conversion: · Pictures (jpg,png,bmp,gif,…) · Movies (avi,wmv,mov,…) · Sounds/Musics (mp3,ogg,wma,wav,…) Text, text and more text: · You can write text on screen using one of the numerous fonts built in Slide Effect. · You can also write full realtime 3D text · You can change size, color or position of each items using your mouse Music synchronization: Slide Effect provides several efficient ways to create a dynamic and music synchronized presentation: · You can tell all your objects (pictures,movies or text) to animate following the music volume,bass,medium or treble. · You can put a 3D equalizer as background of your animation. · On preview, music is always exactly synchronized even if you don’t preview your first slide: It is very fast and easy to synchronize some manual effects. Special effects: · You can simply set a begin, an end and a continuous effect to each of your object in the slide. · For example you can set your title to appear with a flame effect, then to move according the volume of the music then fade out. Slide Effect provides a full set of built-in effects like: · Sparks · Flames · Moving · Rotation · Fade in/out You can also set a transition between each slides including: · 3D flip · 3D Window · Rotation · Fade in/out Requirements: · .NET Framework 2.0 · DirectX 7 Limitations: · Limited number of slides and font styles · Watermark on output What’s New in This Release: · Particles backgrounds: Fixed a problem when opening “Advanced settings” dialog when pictures have been selected but disabled and the tmp directory has been flushed. · Video Export: Looped movies were not looped when exporting as movies: it is now fixed. · Video Export: Looped backgrounds may leads to a “Memory Access Violation”: it is now fixed.

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