Make your server DNS fast with SirDNS. Start SirDNS server, add your queries with the web routers manager and make your server. Set the routers, manage your firewall etc etc! We begin First set a router. This will serve simply to identify the connections according to the IP. If a router uses a dynamic address sets the Url Home of the router as Home Page, so every time the address changes will be detected when opening the browser. Set queries You can create as many “server” DNS through the DNS Virtual . A Virtual DNS can be set to more than one router but a router can have a single Virtual DNS at a time. If more than one router is targeted to the same IP router will be considered the oldest created. Currently you can only create two types of queries: the classic and Regex (RGX) that is a A type with the domain subjected to a Regex match. The type A have a higher priority than the type Regex. The type Redirect link the domain to the URL specified as the Blocked will not allow access to the domain acting as a firewall. Queries have a TTL of 600 seconds.