SamLogic Calendar Components

SamLogic Calendar Components is a library with stylish visual calendar ActiveX components. These calendar components can be used in programs that are running in local computers or used by Internet / Intranet pages. There are three types of calendars included in the tool: a one-month calendar, a 6-months calendar and a 12-months calendar.

Each calendar component can show public holidays and week numbers according to the ISO 8601 standard. The calendar components has built-in logic to calculate when movable holidays, for example the Easter, occur. The calendars are international and can show text in any language in the world. Text (month names, day of week names, tip text etc) and dates for public holidays are read from special country files. Country files for USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are included, but you can easy create your own country files.

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