Restoret Single User License

Restoret is a dynamic PC security software which provide user to Recover deleted files, Restore system from crash, Create an image of their system, Protect from data loss or data thieves, Prevent unauthorized access to system, Allows user to restore their PC to its happy times. In all with Restoret installed, user can stop worrying about their PC security and concentrate more on their jobs rather than spending time and money to repair it. Computer users can easily fix PC on their own, regardless of their skill level. A quick glance at the features of this dynamic software can portray a better picture. What makes Restoret the best choice for your PC protection solution? Restoret can create unlimited numbers of system image Restoret takes just 5 seconds to create a system image Restoret takes system image ,as scheduled, without interrupting your work. It just takes 20 seconds to restore your PC to a chosen system image. Restoret can restore your PC even if it fails to boot up. Restoret help to recover file from the system images. What Can Restoret Do? It allows you to recover lost files. In the event of virus infection or system crash, you can restore your PC to a working state. In case of publicly shared system,you can reset you PC to pre-configured state after each session. It help you to back out from a failed software deployment process. Users may try out softwares under virtual mode before actual deployment. You may create the clone image of a partition or drives into a bootable CD. It protect your system from data lost and thieves. What are the Restoret Benefits? It helps you reduce PC maintenance upto 90 percent Reduce organization feuds when writing restriction policies. Reduce unnecessary anxiety related to allowing users full access to the computers. Eliminate re-imaging of computers. Significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Assets.