Portable System Spec 3.03

Alex Nolan’s System Spec is designed to provide you details about the hardware on your system. It lets you see, save and print a complete specifications of your PC and perform various windows functions. The application needs no installation and leaves no tracks on your system. Windows function such as shutting down and run can be performed from the System menu. The Control Panel menu allows you to quickly open items from the Control Panel. System specification reports can be exported to CSV and System Spec can now export the system information displayed on the main system to a HTML file. · Computer Name · Username · IP Address · MAC Address · Windows version and service pack · Windows Serial Number · Internet Explorer Version · Memory · CPU Type and speed · Calculated CPU Speed · Sound card type · Video and virtual video adapters · Screen Resolution · Network Present · Network Adapters · AC Power Status (for laptops) · Battery Charge Status (for laptops) · Time Zone · CD / DVD Make and model · Default Printer · COM Ports · LPT Ports · Mouse capabilities · Hard Disks · Hard Disks Serial Number · BIOS Date · PC Serial number · Manufacturer · PC Product · PCMCIA (Laptops) · USB ports · Firewire ports · Motherboard · Modem

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