Netman 5.92

As a great assistant to office work, Netman can work without installation, so it is a user-friendly and absolutely safe remote control freeware. It is Nat accessible which enables you to remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. By entering partner’s IP and password that appears on the software, you can connect to partner’s desktop instantly. It provides functions of having computers started and shouted down remotely, desktop sharing(with screen recording), mouse and keyboard remote controlling, instant text messaging & video chatting(you can also make a video record), files transferring/modifying, etc. Also, you can switch sides with partner and show your own desktop to him/her… Netman primary applies to remote working and monitoring. Whenever you need to get connect to your office computer, just remotely start it (achieve this by hardware),and remotely upload/download/modify files as you are operating your PC. When the session is over, shut it down remotely. Thus Netman is the safest remote control software in the world.With Netman, you won’t need to rush back and forth for the files left behind, which will improve your work efficiency remarkably. With Netman, you can also fulfill group presentation and demonstration at meeting over the Internet for free. Netman has personal version and business version. Personal version is published on the Internet and free for non-commercial use, while business version applies to business management and charges. Login with account number(without partner’s IP) on the business version, then you will get dozens of computers’ screen displaying on your computer. In a company, administrators may watch staff’s screens, message them and have conversations with them, as well as send files in batch to them. Business version is Nat accessible with UDP agreement,which empower you to get connection to any PC through the Internet.

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