Lonasoft My Video Converter

Lonasoft My Video Converter is the only real batch converter, it supports real multiple threads in processing tasks. With it, you can take higher performance with your core 2 CPU in converting. Lonasoft My Video Converter is totally support 64 bit CPU architecture. It can speed up more than 20%. Lonasoft My Video Converter is very easy to use, supports drag and drop, and has a stable and quality preview window. You can take a look if you can’t find a player to view unknown formats. Lonasoft My Video Converter consider more for the users, if the user want to sleep if he convert a large files he can choose the options to sleep or shutdown the mac after the tasks done. You can set auto sending to iTunes when tasks converted. Lonasoft My Video Converter supports almost all popular formats for the popular devices. Input File Formats (more than 100 formats): 1. Video Formats: *.avi, *.3gp , *.asf, *.flv, *.m4v,*.mp4, *.mov, *.wmv, etc., 2. Audio Formats: *.aac, *.aiff, *.mp3, *.mp2, *.m4a, *.ogg, *.wav, *.wma, etc., Output File Formats ( All popular device needed): 1. Video Formats: *.MOV, *.MP4, *.FLV, *.WMV, 3GP, etc., 2. Audio Formats: *.M4A, *.WAV, *.AIFF, *.MP3, etc., 3. Device Formats: iPhone, iPad, Andriod, etc., FAQ: 1. Why it is the real batch tasks app? Most batch converter not really use the multiple threads technology. Only the true multiple threads app can speed up converting, it can perform better in multiple core CPU. Most computer is more then 2 core CPUs now. 2. Why 64 bit is better? Most computer is 64 bit now. It can perform better in calculating large numbers. It can really speed up mathematical operation which will help our converting. 3. How to convert into iPhone or iPad formats? The default format is mp4, which is not used for the specified device. You can choose the specified device format in preferences to change the default formats, or change with click the icon in the list item to change item format.