A Personal Finance Manager and Envelope Budgeting System IntelliPenny is the easy way to manage your personal/family finances and budget for future expenses. IntelliPenny gives you the ability to budget your funds money and see where all your money are going. IntelliPenny implements the Envelope System of budgeting allowing you to decide where your money will be spent and allocating funds accordingly. The Envelope System has helped many people tame spending and get on track to eliminate debt. IntelliPenny also allows to you track items you would like to purchase and prioritize those items to help eliminate impulse buys. Transactions can be downloaded from your bank or credit card companies. Bills can be tracked to make sure none are forgotten. A variety of reports are included so you can easily see your spending habits. Let IntelliPenny help you get your finances on track and stay on track. · Easy implementation of the Envelope System of budgeting · A Wishlist to help you track and prioritize future purchases · Simple Reconciliation of bank accounts · Import transactions from your financial institution · An account Cushion to help protect against overdraft · Lots of Reports to help manage finances · Ability to use credit card like a debit card. As credit card transactions are entered then money is set aside to pay off the credit card balance every month · Capability to link to documents or web sites that you use in your financial planning · Set your own transaction types based on how you spend your money · Mark Payees that are monthly bills to help track which bills have been paid and which are still due · Password protect your data file · Backup data file to protect against data loss Requirements: · 700 Mhz Processor or higher · 128 MB Ram · .NET Framework · Microsoft Report Viewer Limitations: · 30 days trial · Nag screen What’s New in This Release: · Added functionality to allow sub-categories

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