Happy Chinese Movie Version

Happy Chinese is a comprehensive chinese language learning software, developed in accordance with the advanced and scientific education concept of “separating the teaching of chinese language listening and speaking from Chinese characters reading and writing; Chinese language listening and speaking interact with chinese characters reading and writing; situational teaching” and the principle of “situation reconstruction; recording restoration; sentence intensive; practicality supreme”, adopting such advanced techniques as speech recognition, speech synthesis and so on, imitating the real Chinese communication situations and the interactive communication between foreign teachers and students, and combining step-by-step learning with targeted intensive courses of pinyin, word, sentences and synchronous practice etc. to master the chinese mandarin and skills at listening, speaking, reading and writing with fun . Overview about the traditional chinese culture, history and origin of chinese characters, so that users can learn more about Chinese history and culture. Comprehensive learning the composition of Pinyin and way to use. More than 6700 Chinese characters pronunciation, spelling, English translations, phrases and writing Chinese character stroke animation. More than 10,000 commonly used phrases divided into 13 different scenes, easy browsing and learning. Intelligent voice recognition technology, You not only can dialogue with the computer, but also can check your pronunciation. Comparison recording function can record your pronunciation and playback. Learn chinese from movie, you not only can random switch English and Chinese subtitles, but also can repeat a single sentence and a key switch to any Dialogue. Original Chinese learning games, make boring learning becomes more interesting. Contains a large number of reading, idioms and ancient poem. Can automatically download the latest released courses. After register you can use the serial number to register a forum vip account and unlimited to use the online course.

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