G.722 Audio codec 64bits Linux library(no time limitation)

G.722 Audio codec Linux 64bits library EasyG722 is an 64kbps coder that encodes/decodes speech signal. The coder operates on speech frames of 10 ms, corresponding to 160 samples at a sampling rate of 16000 samples/sec. In addition to the 10 ms speech frame duration, there is also a look-ahead delay of 0.125 ms, resulting in a total initial algorithmic delay of 10.125 ms. EasyG722 has a binary release version on Windows and Linux. The source code of EasyG722 is written by C/C++, so you can easily port it to UNIX, PPC,DSP, Vxworks or other operation system that support C/C++. This version has no time limitation. The trial version can download from https://www.imtelephone.com/

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