Forex Envy

Forex Envy trades 9 currencies on 14 charts using the 30 minute time frame. While running all pairs we expect a 35% return per month, or a 20% return while only running our Long Cycle pairs. Forex Envy clumps a group of trades together and treats all trades in each individual chart as one large trade. Once all trades as a group are profitable we close all trades for a net gain. Forex Envy is quite stable in 12 year backtests resulting in a system that is profitable in all market conditions, and more importantly, in LIVE market conditions using REAL money. While using our system we recommend withdrawing profits on a weekly bases to safeguard earnings and insure long term profitability. Forex Envy requires a broker that allows hedging and higher leverage. As a result of the Frank/Dodd bill, we recommend all US residents join our PAMM account vs. purchasing our EA. For more information regarding our PAMM account or questions regarding our system, please send us an email at [email protected]