Datamartist 1.5.4

Datamartist is an easy to use, visual, desktop data profiling and ETL tool that provides a graphical environment to manage and transform data. With the help of Datamartist you’ll be able to better manage your data transformations! · Use a visual, drag and drop environment to manage your data transformation. · Create multiple drill down paths by defining hierarchies visually, creating new categories and editing names and labels. · Manage very large data volumes. Process millions of rows and then summarize data to manageable analysis sets. · Use the calculation engine to define new columns and conditions. · Segment data the way you need it, using easy to define rules that create useful, meaningful categories. · Eliminate duplicate records by designating master records, and mapping duplicates away. · Import data from multiple data sources. SQL Server, ODBC, MS Access and delimited text files. · Combine reference data with the raw data to create data marts. · Export data at any and all points in the process to Excel for further analysis or transformation. · 1 Ghz or higher CPU · 4 Gb RAM · 15 days trial

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