CSNotifier – CorporateSnitch Notifier 1.3

“Should I purchase this product from this company?” The CSNotifier is a Firefox Extension that presents to you company information, consumer complaint or praise data, and product/service data about companies as you browse and shop on the Internet. With this data, we hope you help you uphold your own brand of social responsibility and consumerism. Research – View corporate information about the company that owns the Web site you are visiting, instantly. – View corporate information and customer complaints or praise about the company that manufactures the product you are about to purchase on the Internet, instantly. – Search the database of company information and consumer complaints or praise. Utilize – Decide whether or not to purchase a product or continue to patronize a Web site based on a real-time company rating value that has been calculated using your own social responsibility criteria. Publicize – Publicize your customer complaint letter or story to help gain traction in your customer service dispute against a company, urging it to fulfill its corporate responsibility. – Submit company information regarding its corporate responsibility history to help increase consumer awareness. Please view the demo at https://www.corporatesnitch.com/Utilize/CSNotifier/Demo.aspx. Once installed, you can confirm that it is working by navigating to https://www.amazon.com/Arm-Hammer-Super-Washing-Soda/dp/B0006M64XE/ref=sr_11_1/104-3080055-7490306?ie=UTF8 and https://www.brillo.com. New data is added daily to the CSNotifier database. For help and more information, please visit https://www.corporatesnitch.com. Please be sure to read our End User License Agreement (EULA), Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy before downloading the CSNotifier.

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