Coaditor, assistant to arrange your work

Various meetings, piles of documents, visiting clients, joining seminars…do you often forget things in such breathless haste? Do you feel like it a mess? Still using a notepad to record your work? Limited functions are out of your expectation. Using a calendar like software? No sorting, no summary list, single structure, poor search? Whatever you are a manager, a secretary, or just a common employer, Coaditor is what you need to manage work better and easier. Breakthrough the limitation of calendar like software, Coaditor organizes tasks by weeks/months rather by days. You can manage your jobs according to type, priority, state and emergency of tasks. With Weekly/Monthly-list view, To-do-list view and compounding sorting function it is easy to know what you need to do and which are in the first priority. Auto generated work report and analysis/statistic functions make planning and summarizing works easy and simple. Auto adding periodically repeat tasks, quick launch list, print and export function, floating mini reminder, separated private affairs manager ,auto-fit in 11 different screen resolutions, powerful search? you will find Coaditor is the very one you are looking for 2 weeks free trial, reasonable price, what you are waiting for? Download the trial version NOW and experience the changes from Coaditor! Features: 1. Manage tasks by type, priority, state and emergency, supporting two layer hierarchy tasks; 2. Various views of tasks, including Weekly-List view, Monthly-List view, To-Do-List view, Search-List view. Support expanding and hiding the sub tasks in any list view; 3. Sort tasks by type, priority, state and deadline freely; 4. Support to build Weekly Work Report and Monthly Work Report automatically. The report is exportable in RTF format and printable; 5. Support to auto analysis recent work situation and get statistical result; 6. Support to manage work and personal affairs separately; 7. Multiple ways to remind users, including alarms, pop-up window and red marks in list; 8. Support word match search and advanced search from all the tasks with a result exportable; 9. Support floating mini remind window for tasks to finish today; 10. Support to import/export assignments and configuration data; 11. Support quick-insert by Quick Launch List containing frequently used tasks; 12. Support to configure periodical repeat tasks(like attending weekly regular meeting) once, automatically generate later; 13. Support to postpone unfinished tasks to the next week tasks list automatically; 14. Support to set users password; 15. Support to change all settings which are configurable and encrypted; 16. Auto fit display in different monitors, supporting 11 resolutions; 17. 6 groups optional skins satisfy your different tastes to the interface; 18. Support auto launch when windows start and automatically hide to the Windows task bar tray; 19. Provide introduction videos, help assistant, help manuals and on-line feedback to make Coaditor easy to use; 20. Support online upgrading, free to get the latest version to both registered and trial users; 21. Available to download and pay in the main international shareware selling websites, easy to buy and register.