ChatStage 5.3 alpha

Use ChatStage to speak with up to 100 people at the same time in crystal clear stereo sound wherever they are in the world. Best of all, ChatStage is 100% free. Imagine your own online conference room where your team members from all over the world meet virtually and interact easily with each other. Picture a staff meeting with dozens of your top sales people effortlessly trading ideas with each other from their unique sales territories in real time. Does this sound like a dream? Wake up. ChatStage is here. ChatStage is the perfect solution to outdated conference call methods and makes meeting with a large group as easy as checking e-mail. Every conversation is delivered in stereo quality sound with myriads of value-added features. During, before and after a conversation, participants can private message each other and share files with the click of a button. Private rooms are set-up with ease and can be branded with your company logo. ChatStage is the revolutionary communication solution that you have to experience to believe. Our communication system will always be 100% free and we are constantly adding amazing new features that will improve your already impressive ChatStage experience. ChatStage is 100% free.

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