Registry Mechanic 9.0

Clean and optimize your PC. With powerfully simple performance and privacy tools, PC Tools Registry Mechanic cleans your computer to keep it fast, private and healthy. Optimization and privacy tools fix Windows® errors, wipe computer usage, and shred deleted items. Best of all, PC

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Memory Card MAGIC

Have YOU accidentally deleted PHOTOS from your CAMERA, Card, USB Drive, Flash Drive, Or Any USB Device?

These days, it's EASY for your pictures to go missing.

Press a couple of wrong keys on your camera - and they're ALL gone. Or connect the memory card to your PC and press

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Startup Delayer 3.0 Premium

Startup Delayer gives you the power to optimize your Startup Process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer.

By delaying the applications during start up, your computer becomes usable a lot faster. Startup Delayer will then start launching

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2Tware Mount Disk Image 2012

2Tware Mount Disk Image 2012 (2Tware Virtual Disk)allows you to mount local disk image files (bit-for-bit copies of a disk partition) in windows with a physical disk. You can then analyze the disk image file with winhex by using the mounted physical disk. if the image files are mounted

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TDC Photo Recovery for Windows is the standard in digital media recovery software. It is a professional and reputable recovery software for Digital cameras, USB flash pushes, Storage Stick?s, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Storage Card, Micro Gadgets, SD credit charge cards, XD credit charge cards, Sim credit charge cards, MMC, CD/DVD, Pen pushes and most other types of digital media device. It is designed to restore and restore all removed, seemingly lost photos or videos from any external pushes. Whether they have been removed accidently, Digital cameras has been formatted or Storage Card corrupted, or even the digital media files missing with any unknown reasons, TDC Photo Recovery can reinstate your photos and videos, regardless of the brand or type of digital media device you have! It works with most USB, FireWire or other Digital Media readers, and can restore pictures and videos from PDAs, iPod, PSP, Palm Pilots, Windows CE devices, Digital cameras and Camcorders, MP3 players, Digital Recorders and other devices.

Favortools WinCastle

1.Recover system in seconds in case of system or applications issues. 2.Save latest configurations into the new baseline snapshot in seconds. 3.Configure to reboot and restore to protect PC from unwanted changes, especially useful for computer centers. 4.Password protection provided to ensure the security of the program. 5.Windows 7 system recovery solution.

BatchRename Pro

BatchRename Pro enables you to batch rename files and folders easily and flexibly. With BatchRename Pro, you can define all kinds of renaming rules you desire. Especially you can rename MP3 files with ID3 Tags and rename pictures with EXIF data. In addition, BatchRename Pro allows you to batch convert and resize your photos easily.


File Property Edit Pro

“File Property Edit” is for you to modify the attributes and properties of a batch of files or directories. With the power file and folder browse feature plus the drag and drop support, you can easily add a group of files or directories to “File Property Edit”, and then change their “create time”, “modify time”, “last access time”, and other file attributes and properties. Also, the undo function allows you to rollback all the changes you just made with one click.

Main features:
* Modify file and folder’s “created date time”, “modified date time”, and “Last access date time”.
* Modify file and folder’s attributes including “Archive”, “Read Only”, “Hidden”, “System”, “Temporary”, “Offline”, “Content index”, or “Normal”.
* Edit the file’s summary properties including: “Title”, “Subject”, “Author”, “Keywords”, “Comments”, “Template”, “Last Author”, “Revision Number”, and “App Name”.
* Drag and Drop: It’s easy to add files to the list, just drag files from anywhere and drop them to File Property Edit’s list.
* Undo changes: After you change the properties of files and folders, you can use this to cancel the changes, and rollback the old property values.
* Files filter support case sensitive and exclusive filtering – you can easily filter in or out the files you want from the file list.


Registry Help Pro

Just with a few clicks, Registry Help can clean and repair your registry, speed up your computer, and optimize your system.

It is safe! Registry Help will backup all the registry operations you made in Registry Help and restore the changes if you want. It is reliable! Registry

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Innovation Internet History Cleaner

Innovation File Management
  • Clean all junk files from your hard disk.
  • Clean all trace your visit(Surfing history, Cookies, Visited document, etc.)
  • Delete your confidential document without resuming.
Is your PC becoming increasingly slow and unstable? If so, you need a professional File Management and a repair tool. Installing and uninstalling software may make your hard disk a mess, leading to decreased PC performance and causing computer crashes. Innovation File Management uses a highly intelligent engine to scan your hard disk & improve PC performance! And it can protect your privacy!

Power Audio Recorder

MP3 Audio Sound Recorder allows you to make high-quality audio recordings from any internal or external source into WAV/MP3 format sound file directly without costing any other disk space.You can get high quality sound,and easily download to an MP3 player.


Record any signal played through your sound card into Mp3 or Wav files.

Support 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100,48000Hz, Mono/Dual Channels/Joint Stereo/Stereo.

CD quality recording.

Start and stop recording at any time you set.

Easy-to-use User-friendly Interface.

Built-in player with playlist.

Auto name or manual enter file name before recording.

Integrates the complete set of record volume control for your convenience.

Record on the fly for as long as your like without interrupt.

Support MPEG Layer3 and WAV formats.

Record Music to WAV/MP3 files from your cassette tape directly.

Record Singles to WAV/MP3 files from LP(long playing record) directly while playing.

Record Voice to WAV/MP3 files from MIC directly.

Record Sound to WAV/MP3 files from Internet Radio.

Record Tracks to WAV/MP3 files from CD audio directly while playing.

Record Sound to files from any other sound line in such as radio , TV , CD Player directly.

Record Sound to files from any Multimedia software and games directly.


HiTune Pro

HiTune enables you to receive and record radio stations from the web. You can listen to thousands of radio stations on the internet, and record them whenever you want. “HiTune radio search” collected and organized lots of radio from the web.

URL Helper

To download mms/rtsp, you need to know the url(the file name and server address) of you want to download. Unfortunately, some links to streaming audio and video that you come across on the web are hidden behind javascript or activex scripts. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out the actual urls that correspond to the streams being played.

URL Helper provide a one-step solution to finding the URLs for all streams. It does this by searching files and watching network traffic and identifying potential urls.