Bulk SMS Sender

A handy tool to send bulk/group text message using mobile phones/GSM Modem. Bulk SMS Sender is a powerful tool which designed to send text messages from PC to single or group of GSM mobile users within few minutes. Bulk SMS Sender application supports most popular brands of GSM technology based mobile devices such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc., and also it supports RS-232/USB GSM Modem. Bulk SMS Sender has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features. Bulk SMS Sender is a cost effective tool. It doesn’t need internet connection to send SMS. In Bulk SMS Sender tool, we can easily import list of recipient phone numbers and message from CSV or excel files. Also, we can create dynamic text messages through advanced Import facility. This program can be used for: Marketing – This is much needed tool for who need mobile marketing solution to send instant SMS text to promote product, new product launch, new product promotion campaign, etc., Business – Business people can use this tool to intimate their customers about payment alert, shipment notifications, order status update, office holiday details, seasonal greetings, price hick notification, offers notification etc., HR – HR manager can use this tool to intimate their staffs about emergency meetings, holiday announcement, salary notification, interview calls, etc. Education – This tool can be used in educational institutions like schools & colleges to intimate about the examination dates and results, general circular for parents, special class announcements etc.., Hospital – It can be used to intimate the patient about their treatment follow up date Requirements: · NET Framework 2.0 Limitations: · Limited features

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