Automated Product Import for Zen Cart

Automated Product Import is a Store Manager extension which allows to automate Zen Cart product import from external sources into your online store. Synchronize your inventory with your wholesale partner in a timely manner. What Automated Product Import can do for you: * Complete Automation Ensures automated and accurate products import * Reduce Errors Avoid duplicated data entry and other issues arising from manual data entry * Save Time, Increase Speed It greatly reduces the time spent on data update and data entry Addon features you will benefit from: * Setup import settings once and import items using .csv file file provided by your supplier on a monthly, weekly or daily basis – bulk updates are so fast now! * Update products using .csv file from your local PC, HTTP URL (live feed from your supplier) or FTP * Download images from your supplier’s store automatically – use http image URL in .csv file and upload images to you FTP automatically * Modify the existing products only, create new ones or do both – chose corresponding option * Use expressions – specify simple calculation for numeric fields rather that just directly import data from .csv * and much more It’s a perfect solution allowing you to automate products import from your wholesaler into your Zen Cart based shop.

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