ASUS WebStorage for Windows Server

ASUS WebStorage automatically backs up files in each of your computer. Do Simple drag-and-drop to backup or link to the internet to recover important data. ASUS WebStorage is an online backup service that helps small businesses and enterprises increase the productivity while keeping the critical business data securely. Get ASUS WebStorage for Windows Server and give it a try to see how useful it can be for backing up your documents! Real-time backup: · Automatic file change detection: you’ll never forget to backup · Version control · Multiple version backup: retrieve your old versions of files Full data encryption: · Rigorous security encryption from data uploading to downloading Online virus scan: · Multiple protection of virus scan: protect yourself and others as well Administrator Control Panel: · Through this Administrator Control Panel, you can add in new users, delete existing users, monitor the group usage status, examine Administrator operating records, check through bills and make payments. What’s New in This Release: · Support WebStorage Pro package use only · Comes in two languages – English and Traditional Chinese · Few bug fixes

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