Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator

Tilt-shift effect without a tilt-shift lens? With Tilt Shift Generator it’s super easy to re-create images taken with a highest-grade tilt-shift lens. Reproduce the appearance of a miniature scale model in the post! Tilt Shift Generator convincingly emulates the tilt-shift effect in the post, complete with characteristic razor-thin depth of field and that ‘macro’ look. You won’t need anything but your PC to produce pictures with stunning selective focus effects! The tilt-shift effect is used to create pictures with razor-thin depth of field, producing an interesting diorama effect. When looking at a picture taken with a tilt-shift lens or produced with Tilt-Shift Generator, you’ll think it’s been taken at a macro distance. But it’s not a macro – and once you start noticing all the small detail, your brain goes WOW! Tilt-Shift Generator will carefully reproduce the look created by expensive tilt-shift lenses without making you invest in tilt-shift glass. Tilt Shift Generator produces natural-looking miniatures at a fraction of the price of a real tilt-shift lens. It’s much more convenient to use than a real tilt-shift lens, too. Today’s tilt-shift lenses are manual focus, single focal length, stop-down metering and manual aperture control lenses, which are highly specialized and insanely expensive. Tilt Shift Generator can turn any picture taken with any lens by any camera into a stunning miniature in just seconds, giving you more creative control than any tilt-shift lens in existence. With numerous custom settings and adjustments, you can produce faux miniatures and pseudo-macro images you won’t be able to tell aren’t real. Compare the price of Tilt Shift Generator to the cost of a limited-use tilt-shift lens, and you really have a no-brainer!