AllOnlyInOne EA

This EA has internal dynamic monitoring system which calculates the reasonable loss pips to add open positions and the lot size of martingale. You don’t need to adjust these settings manually, which avoids the errors of manual settings not matching market’s trend. This EA has built-in safety system which will be triggered to bail the account out when hedging and martingaling to 1000-2000 pips without turning back or/and the account is about to lose 25% so as to prevent the account being blown up. EA works 24 hours per day. We analyzed and tested each pair of currency, this EA is suitable for quote currencies- the default 4 pairs. You just need to run the EA on the pair of GBPUSD H1, the EA will trade automatically on all GBPUSD,AUDUSD,UUSJPY,USDCAD pairs. Free download