All My Movies 6.6 Build 1316

Easy to use movie database manager with ability to take screenshots from movies All My Movies is a nifty utility for cataloguing one’s movie collection. It supports all formats, new ones DVD, Video CD, AVI and MPEG files, and old ones as well VHS tapes, for example. All My Movies helps you easily track movies which films are borrowed, which ones are loaned, etc. Most importantly, the program is specifically designed for DVDs and works fully automatically with all digital carriers. All My Movies is intended for those who tired of managing home movie collection. It is an easy to use movie database manager. You can use it for cataloging your personal collection of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, etc… Basically, all a user has to do is to insert a DVD or scan a hard-drive. The program will extract all movie information title, director, actors, description, genre, languages, subtitles, etc. If absent, this information can be imported from online movie databases, like IMDb.com with one mouse click or entered manually. The best thing about All My Movies is how easy it is to use. Having a tree-like database structure, program owner can quickly sort movies by genre, actor or director. Another great perk is an option to capture movie screens for DVDs and AVI files and attach them to the database. User comments can be added too. All My Movies has a skinnable interface. You can use thousands of themes developed for Windows XP in All My Movies. True movie fans with thousands of titles in their collection are certain to like the fact that movie data stored with All My Movies can be exported to HTML, MS Excel or plain text files. In addition, the program comes with password protection options to prevent unauthorized access, and a straightforward loan manager. Another advantage is that the program support third-party plug-ins, including database import from other popular movie cataloguing applications. · Easy movie details import from online movie database IMDb.com (English), videoguide.ru (Russian), RMDb.ru (Russian), film.ru (Russian), OFDb.de (German) and cinebel.be (Dutch and French) · Ability to add DVDs using UPC/EAN barcodes. Just enter (or scan with a special scanner) barcode numbers and all the rest information All My Movies downloads automatically · Large cover image import from Amazon.com and DVDEmpire.com · Third party plug-ins supported · Import movie collection from other formats (CSV text format, MS Excel files, AMC files). Easy migrating · Clear vision of all your movie collection, nice statistics · Skinnable user interface. You can use standard Windows XP themes as skins · Capturing stills directly from your movie DVDs or AVI files to the database. which can help you remember the movie using your visual memory and evaluate quality of the movie’s picture · Fast movie search by any of the database fields – Title, director, year, actors, genre, description, etc · Export your movie collection to HTML (several templates are available and you can create your own ones) , plain text or Microsoft Excel format, so you can place it at your home web page or import to some other software · Password protection of movie database. You can protect your adult movie collection from your children’s prying eyes. · An easy way to share your movie database with friends. · Easy to use loan manager. Limitations: · 30 days trial. · You cannot create your own movie database, but can do what you want with sample database. Note, the sample database will be rewritten each time you reinstall All My Movies! · Nag screen. What’s New in This Release: · added an ability to quickly restart playback for the last 10 movies with the special button near the Play button on the toolbar · “episodes” tab in the movie card was improved. Now you can find tree-like episode list divided by seasons · added a small but very handy button to the “Episodes” tab of the movie card. Now you can assign many video files to episodes at once · “scan drive for movies” function now doesn’t require confirmation for the each movie · added an option to delete linked video files upon movie deletion. Turned off by default, of course · added an ability to add screenshots or cover images from BMP file format · added: relative file paths are supported for the episode files as well · added: custom fields are clickable now in the movie details area. You can filter and group by those fields directly from the movie details · fixed movie details import from IMDb.com, IMDb.fr, IMDb.es, IMDb.de, Film.tv.it, cinebel.be, blu-ray.com

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