FrontFace 1.2.4

A fresh, intuitive user interface for Netbooks, Tablet Computers and Home PCs.

FrontFace for Netbooks & Tablets is an application that transforms a Windows-based (XP, Vista, 7) Netbook, Tablet PC, or home computer into a versatile lifestyle device that makes computing efficient

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MFader ActiveX control

Add multimedia capabilities to your Visual Basic application with this easy to use yet powerful ActiveX control. This OCX control has more than 115 dazzling and splendid effects to make your multimedia application looks professional and some of these cool effects are pushing, pulling, rolling, stretching, squeezing, revealing… and many more. It is Runtime royalty free.

This OCX control features :
B – 115 amazing effects.
B – The ability to set the graphics width of the effect.
B – You have total control over the speed of the effect.
B – You can stop the running effect with a simple call to the method StopIt.
B – You can set a delay timer to make it wait for a specific time before applying the next effect.
B – You can run one effect at a time, sequential or random effects.

What can you do with MFader?
– Multimedia application.
– Presentations.
– Screen savers.
– Slideshow and many more.

Compatible containers :
B – Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
B – Microsoft Visual Studio 97
B – Microsoft Office 2000
B – Microsoft Office 97
B – Microsoft FrontPage
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
B – Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0


GameEx 12.06

A graphical application designed for multipurpose use

GameEx is a graphical DirectX based front-end for MAME, Zinc, Daphne, PC Games, and all command line based game emulators.

The original goal was for it to be used on Windows Media Center as a plug in for playing games and

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