3D Sunfish Screensaver

3D Sunfish Screensaver lets you build a customizable animated sunfish aquarium for your desktop. Variety of amazing live sunfish (including bluegill, green sunfish, largemouth bass, black crappie, white crappie, rock bass, etc) swim in the underwater aquarium. The screensaver includes two beautiful freshwater planted scenes and 25 species of sunfish. It allows you to interact with the virtual fish including tickling your fish and watch them scurry for food, you can zoom in on a particular fish and watch it movements. Using the play list editor, you can create your own play list and listen to your favorite music. The camera can change focus from far to near with the focus tools. If you enjoy catching sunfish, then give this screensaver a go. Key features: * 25 species of sunfish. * 2 Freshwater backgrounds. * Interaction with your fish. * Play music from your collection. * Realistic fish movement. * Zoom in/out fish.

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