Teamspeak Client 3.0.1 Build 15001

Speak with other people on the Internet Teamspeak enables you to speak with people on the world wide web. Up to 100000 People on one server or a little clan server for gamer with a password. You need only a microphone and internet. · Optimal bandwidth usage with codecs ranging from CELP 5.1Kbit to GSM 16.4Kbit to Speex 25.9Kbit for optimal voice clarity · Local addressbook allows you to connect quickly to your favorite servers · Webserver list allows you to find TeamSpeak servers without their IP · Flexible permission system, allowing you to configure your server the way you want it · Channel and subchannel creation · Built-in web administration interface allowing you full control over your server via your web browser · One server-instance can run multiple virtual servers which results in hassle-free administration · Telnet access to your server-instance as well as to all virtual servers · Client is designed to work well with firewalls and routers · Passworded servers and channels · Completely configurable keybindings (hotkeys) to quickly join specified channels, mute your microphone, etc. · Whisper functions so you can speak privately to inidividuals, groups of persons, or other channels · Auto voice normalizing (no need to adjust your mic manually) · Supports Microsoft Gamevoice (TM) hardware · Windows/Linux server · Windows/Linux client · Event driven sound notifications (which can be configured individually) · Text messaging in the client (for those complicated URL’s or IP’s) and clickable links · IRC-like admin functions for your server (like serveradmin, channel admin, operators) · Channel moderation, which is useful for holding meetings in channels with many users · Kicking / banning people · Seemless optoinal MySQL integration, allowing you to customize your server database · Minimal CPU and RAM requirements · Given bandwidth requirements are met, servers can easily handle thousands of users · Authorized Teamspeak Host Providers (ATHPs) and other Commercial users can integrate their own clickable banner in the client Requirements: · Pentium 166 MHz CPU · 64 MBytes of RAM · 6 MBytes of harddisk space · DirectX 8.1 (available at http://www.microsoft.com/directx) · An Internet connection or LAN · A full-duplex soundcard · A microphone (if you want to be able to talk, not just listen) · TeamSpeak Server What’s New in This Release: · On machines that have a center speaker (like surround 5.1 and surround 7.1) · changed the output channels for 1 channel sound to front left+right speakers (was center speaker). This fixes issues for people who have no center speaker connected even though their sound card is configured for surround sound. · Fixed “Assertion channels==0”. · Fixed UTF-8 usage in plugins API, stylesheets, package installer, soundpacks · and updater. · Fix sound issue on Mac for unknown/mono sound output devices · Fix assert in recordeditor when clientplugins modified captured sound data · clientquery: Fix issue where no ERROR_ok was returned when running · clientupdate · clientquery: Documentation tweaks · Fixed possible crash with tsdns resolve · Fixed bug where ptt stayed active when whispering on a second tab

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