RezEasy Front Desk Property Management System

Feature List Individual reservations, group bookings and virtual bookings. Virtual reservations can be associated with an actual booking to create sharing reservations or multiple guest folios for a room/reservation. Up to 52 rate bands per year, with up to 6 different rates within each rate band. Room rate override option allows you to enter special rates for any reservation. Rate bands can be seasonal (calendar dates), weekly (days of the week), a combination of both, Day-Week_Month, or a different rate for each day of the year. Charge per room or per person. Up to 99 different room types with unlimited number of rooms within each room type. Include up to 3 different tax rates, plus fixed and percentage surcharges. Add meals and optional extras to reservations. These can be charged per room per night, per person per night, per person or per booking. Create and change reservations, update in-house reservations, create room moves, check-in and check-out guests, add to wait list. Post rates using the Night Audit system or post at guest Check-In. Check or view availability (inventory) by room type or room number, easily calculate cost of a stay. Easily block rooms or take them out of service, Full guest details including flight and transportation details. Housekeeping including room status, linen and towel changes, cleaning schedule and tasks, vacant room list etc. Create breakfast list and meal plan list. Create agents/corporate clients and assign an allocation and release date to each one. View reports to show allocation vs. actual rooms booked or commission earned. POS system – sales departments/sales categories, items for sale. Includes stock control. Full range of reports including night audit, cashier report, sequential transactions, rate check report, payments, refunds, zero rate list, no-show list, management report, reservations forecast, revenue report, plus a full range of reservation reports, guest details, guest history, POS, and financial reports. Export reservation and financial data to Microsoft Excel, VisiCalc, Lotus 123 or as a CSV file. Program access is fully controlled at user level. Each user is assigned one or more user rights and can only access the functions assigned to them. Includes address book and scheduler. Send email directly from RezEasy. Send to guest mailing list, address book mailing list, individuals, or confirm a reservation. Compose and print letters and guest notices directly from RezEasy. Send to guest mailing list, address book mailing list, in-house guests, individuals, or confirm a reservation. Fully integrated with our online system – import reservations, export rates and availability (inventory). Backup/restore function creates encrypted backups of data. Archive old data. Access RezEasy data from Microsoft Office or Crystal Reports using the OLE DB Provider. Comprehensive user manual with context sen

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