Nu School Digital Illustrated Grammar Web Book

Nu School Enterprises became official on September 17, 1999, starting with a concept which now has been developed into a line of products. The latest product is the Speech Team Connections Introduction to Grammar series. Consequently, an illustrated digital e-book has been designed which incorporates the following features: Grammar Lessons (grammar, punctuation, prepositions, noun, pronoun and verb types and classes; adverbs, adjectives, interjections, antonyms, homonyms and synonyms. Conjunctions, and much more). Life Lessons (four simple but crucial life lessons are taught. For example, one lesson provides steps to take when one is feeling overwhelmed). Illustrated characters are used to bring grammar and parts of speech to life! This is done by using an introductory theme song (songs only included in Deluxe Edition and sold separately). Program users can type answers right inside web book Hear Punctuation Grandpa speak (delivers audio lesson on 13 punctuation marks used frequently).

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