Magnificent CCTV Picture Capturing Tool

The software has been designed as universal software for surveillance hybrid platforms functioning simultaneously with wireless and wired IP cameras, TV-cards, capture boards, power-line, and USB cameras. It has web interface with the similar form and functionality on the local and remote computers. Users watch MPEG coded picture and have full management of the software using net that surveillance server can be operated with no monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached. Software`s modular configuration significantly increases reliability because all parts act as independent applications. If one part freezes, other modules go on working. For instance if the `capture` part freezes, `watchdog` starts over it instantly that users don`t notice anything because they are watching picture using a `playback` component. The software performs `repeated` recording that the `disk full` situation never appears. The recording can be constant or it can be triggered by movement, human face detection, or by calendar. The software has pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. Playing back recorded video is pretty simple and performs on the surveillance pc as well as on apart station via Web interface. The program does simultaneous video playback for event examination from multiple webcams simultaneously. Also recorded files can be searched by date, time or by face detected. All recorded files can be encrypted and password protected.