Jake Powell’s Bulk Ads XML File Maker

We have a bulk upload xml file maker that
enables you to create bulk ads xml files
that you can use to upload to classifiedsgiant.com
using their bulk upload feature.

It is a simple, easy to use software script
that I host on my server and I will maintain
it and keep it updated.

You get your own online form and password
to create as many xml files as you wish.

Plus, your ads are stored in a file for
later access to edit, remove, duplicate
and generate all the xml files you need.

I have tested it and found I can upload
as many as 250 ads in an xml file per
bulk upload without getting a server timeout
from classifiedsgiant.com
Then you can do another 250 ads xml file.

It’s not that you have to upload that many
at a time, and there is no limit on how many
ads you can have in an xml file. It’s just
that too many ads in a file will not upload
properly based upon classifiedsgiant.com
classified ad website’s operations.

I tried one xml file with over 28,000 ads,
and it timed out before uploading. The file
was 35mbs, and takes too long to upload.

I have a retail price of $10 for this software
service, but for a limited time I am offering
it at 50% off, so it is only $5.00

What you receive with purchase;

1. Your online bulk ads xml file maker.
2. Your own online ads database.
3. Personal password to access your form
and your database of ads.
4. Ability to edit, remove, and duplicate
your ads. No limit to number of ads.
5. Ability to generate as many xml files
as you need.
6. Automatic updates.
7. Tech support.
8. Future benefits as to other classified ad
sites we find that offer bulk upload feature.

Act now to get 50% off. Try it, you’ll like it!