For any security system to work it has to do its job in such a way that the user is not required to have a degree in technology. It must be easy to use and non-intrusive (or the user will try to find a way around it), and it must bring a tangible benefit to the user.

Security professionals

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You feel like your privacy might have beenn compromised ? You want to secure chat with your friends? Malware Hunter is the solution!Malware Hunter. helps you to find packed files/processes/services on your system. Frequently, malware are packed and hidden in many different folders,

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mars password manager


Mars password is a password manager and a form filler,automatically filling login and password. It saves online passwords, fills login forms with memorized info, automatically logs you into a Web site, and allows you to view and edit passwords. All passwords saved with the help of

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SQL Password Recovery


Forgot SA password and cannot login your SQL Server? SQL Password Recovery is remarked as the best SQL Password Reset software to reset SA and other account passwords for Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005/2000. With this SQL password tool, you can login your SQL Server again. No need

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Product Key Finder


Product Key Finder is a professional product key recovery tool for you to recover product key, such as Windows, MS Office, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, VMWare, Adobe and many other software. With this powerful product key finder, you can recover your product key instantly.

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Office Password Remover


Office Password Remover is one of the most popular office password remover software for removing lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. It can remove office password within a few seconds. It offers a professional set of features wrapped in a very user-friendly

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Network Monitoring Easy


You can make sure everything is working fine at a work place, know everything that is happening as the seconds pass by. Improve your security at home or at workplaces using this, everyone can use it its extremely easy and simple to work with! In only 15 -30 minutes you could be monitoring

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