SamLogic Internet Components

SamLogic Internet Components is a collection of powerful ActiveX components that can be used for communication over the Internet or in intranet systems.

The tool contains components for sending and receiving e-mail messages (using the SMTP and POP3 protocols), communication with FTP servers, retrieving current time from a time server on the Internet, pinging machines on the Internet or in intranet systems, reading WHOIS information. Some general purpose components are also included in this tool box, for example a log file control, an alarm control, a high-resolution timer and a control for validating credit card numbers.

The components in the SamLogic Internet Components toolbox can be used in all applications and programming languages that can handle ActiveX controls, for example Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application (VBA), Visual C++, Delphi, Access etc. The components can also be used with ASP/ASPX pages and they are fully compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework.

Network Chat

Network Chat by SoftBranch. LAN chat file transfer software requiring no server. Network Chat is the modern answer to your internal communications with encrypted p2p messaging and file transfers this software helps protect your home or office integrity. No longer is there any need to use internet based chat software like MSN, broadcasting your personal information across the web! Network Chat minimizes to the system tray and alerts you to users coming online or a new message or file. Supports logging, fast user switching and network control. Network Chat runs fast and without over using system resources quietly keeps you in touch with network members. Requires Windows running .NET 4 Framework (free) Secure Instant Messaging across the LAN Fast File Transfers across the LAN Alerts, including sound, popup and voice Rich Text Messages Supports Fast User Switching Broadcast messages and files to the whole LAN at once Custom Grouping for selected broadcasts Message Logging Install and Uninstall Auto detects other network members Minimize to tray Fully Encrypted messages Network Settings Fully Configurable

jni4net 0.8.5

.NET and Java bridge

jni4net is built to be an Open Source, object oriented, bi-directional and fast bridge between Java and .NET.

Now you can use this tool to improve your development process.

NOTE: Additional information can be found here.

· it means

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.Net SVG to GDI

Create SVG documents using this library

.Net SVG to GDI is a specially designed as a C# library that is intended to facilitate the processing and the creation of SVG documents in C#.

Now you can easily create your SVG documents with the help of this library.


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SQL Installer.NET 1.2.2

A handy development tool

It SQL Installer.NET is a toolset designed to assist in the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications which interface with a relational database management system (RDBMS).


· Microsoft SQL Server 2005
· Oracle

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Clippy.NET 1.1

A handy clipboard monitor tool offering unlimited copying!

Have you ever copied something important, forgot it was there and overwrote it with something irrelevant? Annoyed? I was too when I did that, so I created this handy utility.

Clippy.NET monitors your clipboard, and

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