About Nova Rat Lite

NovalLite is developed into a very good, stable, fast and relatively small RAT for its features.. Some have compared it to Bifrost.
Its 49.00 USD for lifetime updates. As features are added and new versions released, you get updated. The price could go higher

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WebMail Notifier 2.8

Firefox extension that will notify you when you receive emails

WebMail Notifier will regularly verify your webmail accounts and will display how many unread or new messages you have.

Currently supports:
· Gmail (Gmail & Google Apps)
· Yahoo (yahoo.com, ymail.com, rocketmail.com,

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Smart Print Pro 1.1.2

Your lists and items can now be printed, converted to PDF or emailed with just one click!

When you manage your data inside SharePoint, you sometimes need to print out a purchase request or send report to a supplier. This used to be a grueling tasks, copying and pasting data to

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