FoxyTunes for Firefox 4.3.2


An extension that controls your favorite media player without ever leaving Firefox.

FoxyTunes - Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web? Now you can control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser and more...

FoxyTunes also supports Mozilla Thunderbird

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IE HTTP Analyzer


A stand-alone application and IE plug-in to analyze HTTP and HTTPS protocol directly in the browser window

HTTP Analyzer is a sniffer or viewer that allows you to monitor and inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It is used by industry-leading companies including Microsoft,

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SimpleHyp 1.1


An application that helps you edit HTML web pages

SimpleHyp is equivalent in functionality to the old favourite 'Notepad', but with the added bonus of context coloured text. HTML tags, comments, strings and symbols are coloured automatically for easy visual identification.

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