Internet TV / Instant Download

Get access to thousand of internet TV stations streaming over the internet right on your PC watch movies, news, sports, weather, kids channels, live TV and much more. View internet TV stations from all across the world right on your PC or laptop for FREE!

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Max Internet Security

Max is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users to scan, detect and delete viruses to get rid of the malware, adware popup, Keylogger and Trojans instantly. Powered with Smart Scan Technology and Max Shields keep you protected all the time when you are online browsing the Internet.Max Internet security has the following features: 1. Secure Online Banking and Shopping a.Web Security b.Email Security c.Anti Spam d.Anti Phishing e.Anti Banner 2.Advance Firewall a.Network Filter b.Application Filter c.Internet Filter 3. Powerful Anti-Virus Features a.Easy, Quick installation b.Get immediate Active protection from Emerging threats c. USB and External Drive protection d.Uses Advanced Emulation technology e.Create Bootable Rescue CD f. PC to Mobile Scan g. Lap Top Tracker…in case your loose your laptop 4. Support a.Round the clock, unlimited technical support from any where in the world b.Free E mail, Live Chat and Remote Desk Top Support c.Multi language Support d. Online, Off line, email, SMS or phone Registration e. Free 30-day trial f. If you have a virus we will fix it, for Free, guaranteed

Internet Radio Broadcaster

Full featured internet radio streaming broadcast software.
Automatically plays adverts and jingles between songs.
Streams your PC microphone live with your songs plus optional boost and reverb.
Everything you need and more to control your radio station, create and play your own

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Internet page planning centre

This interactive creating system helps you develop Web sites with no having to know HTML; just dragging and dropping project elements. The toolkit has integrated picture modelling instruments so you don`t should use a third-party image instrument. Internet page images can be distorted

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SamLogic Internet Components

SamLogic Internet Components is a collection of powerful ActiveX components that can be used for communication over the Internet or in intranet systems.

The tool contains components for sending and receiving e-mail messages (using the SMTP and POP3 protocols), communication with FTP servers, retrieving current time from a time server on the Internet, pinging machines on the Internet or in intranet systems, reading WHOIS information. Some general purpose components are also included in this tool box, for example a log file control, an alarm control, a high-resolution timer and a control for validating credit card numbers.

The components in the SamLogic Internet Components toolbox can be used in all applications and programming languages that can handle ActiveX controls, for example Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application (VBA), Visual C++, Delphi, Access etc. The components can also be used with ASP/ASPX pages and they are fully compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework.

zebNet Internet Explorer Backup 2012

zebNet Internet Explorer Backup 2012 is the backup solution for users that easily want to back up and recover their entire Internet Explorer profile.?

Highlighted features
* Fast and reliable backup and recovery
* Self-restoring backup files
* Backup reserve copies
* Backup to any FTP server
* Scheduled backups on a regular basis
* Data migration between different computers


Innovation Internet History Cleaner

Innovation File Management
  • Clean all junk files from your hard disk.
  • Clean all trace your visit(Surfing history, Cookies, Visited document, etc.)
  • Delete your confidential document without resuming.
Is your PC becoming increasingly slow and unstable? If so, you need a professional File Management and a repair tool. Installing and uninstalling software may make your hard disk a mess, leading to decreased PC performance and causing computer crashes. Innovation File Management uses a highly intelligent engine to scan your hard disk & improve PC performance! And it can protect your privacy!

Translator Internet Gold

Translator Internet is a Toolbar for MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, MS Word, a translator for a common use and a currencies converter . It allows you to translate in real time any web page from one language to another. You only have to select languages and TI does all the work for you! Automatic dictionary updates.

Internet Download Accelerator PRO

Internet Download Accelerator is an easy-to-use and effective download manager that can increase download speed by up to 500 percent. It uses intellectual multi-section download technology to provide the best possible performance for all connection types, resumes broken downloads,

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Avira Internet Security 2012

Antivirus, anti-phishing, antispam. File backup. Monitoring your kids? web use. Why juggle all that? One security program does it all ? and does it so fast you?ll barely notice its presence. If you bank or shop online, stream music and movies or are active on social networking sites, then you need comprehensive protection. Don’t trust your accounts, passwords, photos and important files to anything less! Get Avira Internet Security 2012, then relax. Your computer and your privacy are in the best of hands

AVG Internet Security 2012

Protection that actually speeds up your PC Some security products slow down your PC; AVG Internet Security 2012 speeds it up, by accelerating the download of content-rich files. Faster system start-up and support for Flash and HD video means you can enjoy online video like YouTube faster than ever before. AVG Accelerator AVG Accelerator maximises your computer?s connectivity to deliver content faster. It accelerates the download of binary files and minimizes the hangs and delays while watching videos on YouTube. AVG Accelerator is enabled as a default setting when you switch on. AVG System Tools AVG?s System Tools monitors your PC to allow you to turn off unneeded applications that auto-run at Windows start-up ? plus the System Monitor option also provides information about which processes are running. Using this tool, you can make informed decisions about the trust level inside your computer and the safety of your files.

FedSpell Internet Explorer Spellchecker

FedSpell lets you spell check the words you type in Internet Explorer. You no longer have to cut and paste into a spellchecker and back into your web browser.

FedSpell also lets you quickly save your work. Have you ever typed a long memo and hit the enter key just to lose all your work because of a network or server error? FedSpell saves a copy of your work in the My Folders area “just in case.”

FedSpell also sends an alert if you have used a dirty word. Some words shouldn’t be sent over the network. FedSpell tells you if you used any “dirty” words.


Spyphone Gold Internet – 3 Months

WHAT IS CALL INTERCEPTION Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on the target device. You specify the numbers you are interested in and when any calls to or from these numbers occur on the target, SPYPHONE GOLD will send a secret SMS to your mobile. If you now call the target mobile, you will be added to the call. Interception requires that the target device support conference call WHAT IS A SPYCALL A spycall is the ability to secretly switch on the target mobile microphone by making a call from a predefined number. SPYCALL lets you listen in to the phone surroundings from anywhere in the world. Leave in meeting rooms to eavesdrop conversations, be alert for a baby crying in her bedroom, or listen to what your spouse is really saying about you, the possibilities are down to your own imagination. WHAT INFORMATION IS RECORDED SPYPHONE GOLD captures the contents of all SMS and email messages, the details of phone call records (number, time, duration) and the name assigned to the number in the phones address book. If you have a GPS phone such as an N95 then you can also receive the GPS coordinates. If you don’t have GPS, then you can choose to receive the cell name and cell id. Find out more about mobile gps and cell id location tracking. WHAT IS GPS AND CALL ID SPYPHONE GOLD offers you the choice of GPS or Cell ID. To use GPS you need a GPS enabled phone such as a Nokia N95. – If GPS is not available, then the location is shown as cell ID. Using GPS requires that the device who location you wish to track must have special hardware. such as a Nokia N95 or Navigator. For devices that do have GPS hardware, SPYPHONE will use GPS positioning , and you can see the co ordinates of the device in your reports when you log into your web account. SPYPHONE mobile tracking uses the Cell ID technique. Here is how it works. .A network provider has several hundred radio base stations ( cells) that make up its network. Each base station is a “cell” which covers a physical area and these cells connect together to make up the entire network. The size of cells depends on the density of base station installed in a given area. Cell sizes can vary from 100m in cities to 3K in rural areas .A mobile phone connects to the network using the cell in which it is located.. As the mobile moves, it leaves one cell and joins another. The new cell then takes responsibility for connecting the phone to the network. WHAT IS SIM CHANGE NOTIFICATION If someone trys to cover their tracks by changing the SIM card in the target phone, the phone number will change and you wont know what number to call to make a spycall. To deal with this situation, Amedya SPYPHONE GOLD offers SIM change notification so that you will receive a SMS if the SIM card changes. Now you know the new number and can continue to make spycalls. GET ALL EVANTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR PHONE VIA SMS You don’t need web account, internet connection GPRS settings like our GPRS editions. All event from target phone will received via SMS by your phone.

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