WebTrance 3.0:89


WebTrance application was designed to be a translation software package that will automatically translate texts, help files, menus, windows and web pages from English and French to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English and French.

Will allow translation between English, French,

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An addon that you can use to manage large downloaded files.

FlashGot is a free Mozilla / Firefox / Thunderbird extension, meant to handle single and massive ("all" and "selection") downloads with several external Download Managers.

FlashGot is an extension that handles internet

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Is It Compatible? 0.5.3


Displays Firefox or Thunderbird compatibility versions for each add-on

Are your addons compatible with the next version of Firefox? With the help of this extension, you can find out straight from the add-ons window!

This addon does exactly one thing: displays Firefox or Thunderbird

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Phzilla 4.0.1E


Firefox extension used to open block page by one click and to change the proxy server easily

Phzilla will open a blocked page by one click. This extension create a status bar icon so you can open a block page by click on ph icon. You can change proxy server easily by click on Set

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Open With Photoshop 1.1


A Firefox extension that sends any web image via right click context menu to Photoshop

Open With Photoshop is a Firefox add-on created for web designers, graphic designers and in general users of Photoshop.

Open With Photoshop send any web image via right click context menu

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Silvermel 1.4.3


Silvermel is a Firefox theme that has the ability to change the look and feel of your browser.

It easily replaces the default skin of your browser.

· Firefox 3.0 - 8.0a1
· Thunderbird 3.0 - 8.0a1

· update to work with Firefox 8.0 and Thunderbird 8.0a1
· implemented

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CensureBlock 0.45


Blocks sites containing pornographic materials

CensureBlock is a Firefox addon designed to prevent pornographic material from being displayed in the browser.

CensureBlock was designed to block pornographic content in your browser. Make it safer for you and your children!

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Exposed Console 0.11


Firefox addon that exposes a readable javascript logging console to each browser window object

The original motivation of this plugin was to determine JavaScript errors with Selenium. The problem with the browser console is that it is not readable from a browser window context

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WebMail Notifier 2.8


Firefox extension that will notify you when you receive emails

WebMail Notifier will regularly verify your webmail accounts and will display how many unread or new messages you have.

Currently supports:
· Gmail (Gmail & Google Apps)
· Yahoo (yahoo.com, ymail.com, rocketmail.com,

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